“They carry me; and with their strength & love, I fly. My All, my Everything.”

Tomorrow I leave for Headache on the Hill 2020 #HOH2020 … 08:00 departure. One layover at Kennedy. 6 hours of flight. Flying alone is always an interesting adventure (for a Normal, as well as a Chronically Fabu person)… will I be able to navigate the ghastly airports/security/cramped quarters, and so many TRIGGERS?

Flare triggers like: •personal anxiety •noise •confusing directions and fine print •fatigue, exhaustion, not enough sleep •altitude changes •odors •time changes •dehydration •hunger and skipped meals and so many many many more!

I’ll have my gear ready: •earbuds with audiobook •Cambridge mask •TSA approved protein snacks •meds (*here’s a terrible wrinkle: one of my migraine med refills has not been renewed… I’m heading out of town and into TriggerVille short one of my important tools. So so so so not cool. Hoping I can somehow get the refill in DC??) •comfie clothes and compression socks •every pair of sunglasses… from indoor to major sun. •Cefaly

As per usual, I’ll sleep like crap tonight… tomorrow I’ll practice my relaxation… I haven’t requested a wheelchair assist so I’ll need to stay on my toes… I’ll premedicate to stay on top of any flares – adrenaline will be on my side! I’m taking just a carry on and – lord have mercy – I always seem to pack too much🤦‍♀️

This will be an amazing experience advocating for Migraine and Headache disorders, sharing our stories, and meeting with our legislators … we will be a team of 6 from the Great State of Texas. I am so grateful for this opportunity to spread awareness and conquer stigma! Thank you #HOH #CMA #CHAMPS #AMF

See you on the Hill!

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