#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #CMA
It’s happening! Today was training… tomorrow we’re ON The Hill. It’s not a competition, but if it were, everyone would want a piece of Team Texas⭐, jus sayin! We have Gunner the service dog, trained for medical emergency!🐕⚕
This is bipartisan all the way… asking for positions for more doctors to specialize treating Chronic Migraine. Our population is under served… we are… suffering and stigmatized.
See ya tomorrow, Ted Cruz!

With my awesome migraine roommate Jenny McPherson, representing Connecticut. Starbucks coffee in hand… there will be lots of learning today!
Meeting new Migraine friends – from all over the country: Connecticut, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.
Reconnecting with old Migraine friends: my girl Michelle Tracy from Massachusetts, The Migraine Warrior. ❤
⭐Team Texas: Dr. Ready, Ashley, Kelly, Donna, Casey, Katie, and Gunner!🐕⚕⭐
Over 150 advocates and medical professionals from 45 states!
Table #22: the Lone Star State⭐

Enjoying meeting each other 💜❤💜

Gunner, sweet German boy🐕⚕
Chronic Migraine Awareness – Advocates Removing Migraine Stigma… our FIRST in person RALLY event! Ohmygosh, so fun and WONDERFUL to talk and celebrate IRL with these legendary Migraine Advocates #MigraineAdvocates
#CMA #ARMS Rally!

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