Today the migraine has continued to intensify… despite migraine medication, rest, and medication.

My head is easily a thousand degrees and my ice just sizzles and loses its chill after only a short time of contact with my skin. I’m nauseous but I must eat. If I don’t, the medication will do seriously bad things to my body. I’m so hot, even though it’s a normal temperature in the house. When I must move, I shuffle blindly. Everywhere the light is too bright, my entire body hurts and the throbbing pain and vertigo makes me terribly clumsy.

There’s no real reason for this migraine. And it’s just shocking; how can this be happening? My nervous system is just a an asshole. This started as a 4 this morning. Now at 4, it’s an 8. I have ice packs on both the back and front of my head, I’m sprawled in bed trying to find some decent position, I’ve gotten into pajamas.

I had plans today… house cleaning, laundry, making dinner, watching my new show tonight. I wanted to do them all. I wanted to visit with my family.

It’s all gone. All of it. Now I’m just a million degrees and trying not to hurl.

This day is a COMPLETE WASTE … devoured and savoured slowly Chronic Migraine. It sucks x ♾. I have no idea how to survive this madness.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. 🌞 Probably. 🌞

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #SpeakYourMigraine

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