It was a Friday and I sucked up my courage through enormous pain and symptoms, and I posted on Facebook:

A candid moment: Chronic migraine is a dead sexy disease – as you can clearly see. There is no cure, and medicines that work sometimes, don’t work other times. I wish my outward smile was always genuine. All I want is to be somewhat normal and free from daily head pain…and if I never take another pill in this lifetime, it will be too soon. I hate boring my friends with my oppressive condition, and I don’t look for pity – just awareness. Migraine is a neurologic event, usually with three stages and only one of them being head pain. I’m not a complete freak – there are more of us silent invisible pain warriors out there than you may realize. We are trying our best to live a full life and we just hate having to report the bad news to friends and our docs (we have lots of docs!) that this or that treatment did not “fix us” despite our hopes, efforts and faith. In fact some of the treatment side effects are worse than migraine itself. Sometimes the pain is so relentless – like endless waves of the ocean on a coastline – that you begin to really despair – it is a lonely place.

Peaceful brains and love to ALL!
Signed, a grateful soul ❤

The response I recieved was very supportive. 21 people reacted and 17 people commented.

I guess I had just had enough hiding. I was sick, so sick. And I had discovered others like me about 6 months prior. Had I found my voice for advocacy? It was my time to #SpeakYourMigraine

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #ChronicIllness #invisibleillness

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