Please read this one. It’s so important to understand the difference between EPISODIC and CHRONIC. In Migraine World, they are 2 totally different animals, even though the migraine part is shared.
How does one slip from Episodic into Chronic? One of the most common reasons: INADEQUATE TREATMENT.
Many people are or love an Episodic Migraineur… this advice can save them! 💜

Life Portrait: Episodic Migraineur

And my life started to warp… to change. It couldn’t really be happening, could it? Keep going… keep “dancing” as fast as I can… I don’t have time for this – whatever this is. Throw back ibuprofen, ignore it, power through, your children/family/job/friends need you… smile, through back tylenol, one more step… just one more step… keep going… throw back ibuprofen. I’m fine. Because I have to be Fine!

Until… I’m quite sure I am not Fine.

Life Portrait: Chronic Migraineur

Learn. Seek treatment. Research. Find others. Hunt medical professionals who listen, work with you, are knowledgeable, and understanding. It’s a lot of work. And you ARE worth it. When one doctor doesn’t work… find another. If that one doesn’t work, find another. There are good ones out there.

Allow yourself to feel… to process, to grieve, to grow. Treat yourself as carefully and lovingly as you would your child. Advocate for yourself. And know… you are not alone. #youneedcommunity

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