Day (I can’t remember) of this Migraine episode. Firing everything at it, but Migraine will not be denied. Every hour, it eats more away of me. Migraine is the Angry Hunger.

I woke out of a nightmare this morning with a level 9 on the migraine scale. Cracked my eyes open… it was lighter in the bedroom so I knew it was day. Couldn’t get up out of bed even though I had to pee. Too much pain. With my right hand I could reach into my night table mini pharma for a Maxalt. Took me awhile to get the blister pack open. Got the pill in my oral orifice and grabbed my water bottle to swallow it down… like a jagged little pill… it feels so good… swimming in your stomach. I needed to take 2 sips to get the Maxalt down and spilled water out the side of my mouth over my pillow.

But the migraine was so intense that I didn’t care at all about the spills.

Because I could not get out of bed still for an ice crown run, Cefaly would have to do. After waiting a few minutes… I was able to reach again into the night table mini pharma for my Cefaly. Somehow I got the wee machine on my forehead. And I sank back into my pillow and into my level 9.

The migraine was carving out the inside of right frontal lobe… from the top of my forehead, my eye and upper right sinus. Carving… carving… carving. My stomach flipped with nausea, my body… after 10 hours of sleep… completely useless and everything in pain. The Cefaly now starts to ramp up. My eyes are closed and I focus on my breathing. In and out. In and out. In and out. Let the medicine and Cefaly work. Relax and maybe fall asleep.

The Angry Hunger eats away at my everything: my life, my brain, my soul, my sanity.

#ChronicMigraine #migraineawareness #Migraine #chronicpain #patientsnotaddicts #InvisibleIllness #cefaly #maxalt

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