Thank you #cefaly #cefalyus for being the only #migrainedevice that helps me combat #ChronicMigraine
Drug-free, money back guarantee, now available in US without prescription… once you purchase your Cefaly, it’s yours to use as frequently as you need with no further expense (excluding electrodes) or prescription required.
Cefaly offers an intense counter electrical stimulation that combats #migraine pain and symptoms. It is compact, rechargeable and travel-friendly. While resting is the best during Cefaly cycle for me, you can also do minor tasks… like laundry. Not for use while driving a car. Then again, I cannot drive a car (safely) during a migraine attack either.
#chronicmigraineawareness #migraineart #speakyourmigraine #patientsnotaddicts #migrainedevice

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