… because of pain.

My little Bonnie let’s me hold her ❤

Chronic illness and pain is stupid horrible. I don’t know why my RA is flaring… is it the change of weather? The tiny joints all through my hands and feet are screaming. My head has a frightful constant ache.

Today is a day to rip off the calendar, crumbled up and throw away. Ice on my head and heat on the back. I don’t have enough pain medications. Maybe I could take an epsom bath and just go to sleep…

This is what I normally look like…

I don’t want to do anything exciting like walk, shop or take a trip. With chronic illness, I just want to be able to clean my house, make a meal, feed my dogs and make my bed.

But I can’t get out of bed to make it. Bonnie licks the salty tears off my face.

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