Today was Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation for the right lumbar/sacral side. Hopefully this will help with my chronic lumbar/sacroiliac dysfunction. I go back for the left side in a few weeks. I’m told it usually feels worse before it gets better, so I’m home in bed now. I can feel the burning starting in that whole right side.
I was very nervous this being the first time for this procedure and sedation.

They were so incredibly kind at the surgical center; so incredibly kind. While being wheeled back to OR, I told them I was getting a bad migraine with pain and nausea from the storms and the nurse anesthetist popped 2 meds in my IV which immediately helped. Then she said, “I’m going to put you to sleep now.” I opened my mouth to tell her she didn’t need to, but the words never came out – and I was waking in recovery.

There, I started balling my eyes out telling all the staff they were the most caring people in the world and thanking them profusely. I was also concerned: “Was I an ok patient? Did I wake up ok? Was I mean? Did I need a lot of O2?” Crying crying crying. “The NA gave me meds for my migraine – wasn’t that the nicest thing ever?”

I think I had the staff nearly falling over with laughter. Lmao.

They gave me 3 juices!!!💜 Marc started laughing when he heard I was crying with gratefulness.  #goober He told them he wasn’t a bit surprised, “She’s always like this.” Lol!!!💜

I absolutely never ask for help, such as a ride or someone to take and wait for me. But I will honestly admit, it was a great comfort having Marc there.
So that’s my big day.😆 Thanks for listening.😆

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