Often Chronic Migraineurs have tried many different triptan medications before finding their “favorite.” Meaning, it seems to work the best for their individual needs.

There are side effects with triptans. Myself, I get side effects ranging from anxiety, “neuro-jitteriness,” fatigue, or a “heavy feeling” in my chest and limbs.Best case scenario, they work and you feel better in 30 min. Worse case, your migraine does not respond to the expensive little med and you’re stuck with symptoms.

There are even some Migraineurs who cannot take triptans (either due to side effects, med or diagnosis contraindications, or allergy). This means the entire drug class is absent for their migraine treatment, limiting them tremendously. 😔

One of the biggest noises about triptans is the threat of Serotonin Syndrome* (extremely rare) since they work on the serotonin receptors. If you combine triptans with other serotonin receptor medications, the risk of SS increases. Triptans are also offenders of Rebound or Medication Overuse Headache. It is recommended not to exceed 3-4 triptans a week. Insurance companies are very limiting on triptans as well, allowing only a handful of the shiny little pills a month (I can get 9 rizatriptan a month, generic for Maxalt). Obviously, if Chronic Migraine is defined as 15 or more migraines a month, there is a big problem with relying completely on triptans to treat CM.

Today in Austin, TX, the weather is total crap: rainy, overcast, cedar and mold allergens. Verily, it is trying it’s best to make my head implode.
*Serotonin syndrome (SS) is a group of symptoms that may occur following use of certain serotonergic medications or drugs. The degree of symptoms can range from mild to severe. Symptoms include high body temperature, agitation, increased reflexes, tremor, sweating, dilated pupils, and diarrhea. (Wikipedia)

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