Woke with an 8. I hate medicine. I’d like to throw it all in the toilet.

Yesterday was better. Today I’m blind. The sky is full of clouds. There’s a knife wedged into the left side of my brain. I can think and see at 20% capacity. I wanna hurl, alternating sweating and chills. Any movement increases symptoms by 50%. But the medicines need to work…They HAVE to work…I have people relying on me; I’ve made commitments to those I love. 

Chronic Migraine is so stupid and pointless. It’s 2017 and they haven’t figured out a way to stop migraine. Botox in 2.5 weeks. The last 2 weeks before Botox (#BotoxBabes for Migraine) are always so painful. Welcome to the little pain cage of hell that is my head.

Breathe…Find that inner strength and peace. That quiet, stillness, feel the love around me. Keep breathing. Pain ends.


Got it under some control and took Robyn to the movies (Beauty and the Beast). I can feel it still there…Deep in my head. 

But I have promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

We got froyo after and went home. Ran an errand to a friend’s house. Harder to think. Harder to drive. Harder to concentrate. The pain…I can still feel it. It makes me clench and distracts my thoughts. I’m coughing today. But it’s loose and less violent.

Marc worked from home today. He’s finished his deadline at work and has put in so many weekend hours. He took the boys to Logan. And is arranging for pizza tonight.

It’s after 6. I’m in bed with ice. Ken needs a haircut.

Chronic Migraine is dumb.

My babies’ kindergarten hand prints. Love them. They are my life.❤❤❤❤

Creating “art” from my bed gives me some purpose.

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