Another 8-9 this morning. I can’t believe this shit. It’s killing me. I have to throw everything at it. I was able to get up at 3. Shower. Do some work at 5. And pain returns.

Christy mentioned something quite innocently…Maybe the candasartan WAS helping.😭😭😭 Geezuz Mary and Joseph…Just my fucking luck. Having said that, my cough was a bit better today. Loose and not as frequent. No violent spells.

I’ve decided to start Plexus with my friend Toni. It’s been about 2 years since my last nutritional supplement fail (Juice Plus). Toni wants some real data from me for my migraines…But I NEED to get some of this Prozac weight off. That evil stuff. So I’ll pink drink. She is offering it to me for no charge, if I like it and want to continue…She will let me pay. 🙂

And then…An email came in from a family member…

Ah, the green smoothie migraine cure. I haven’t seen this one in a couple months. Yay. Thanks. 

I KNOW she means well. I know they ALL mean well…Their suggestions come from a place of concern and love. But I wonder…Do they really think this:

Can be fixed with a green smoothie? Would they send such a pin to someone paralyzed? Someone who’d lost a limb? Do they not think for one moment?

Migraine is a neurological genetic disorder. Green smoothies don’t fix it. Wouldn’t one of my myriad of specialists have mentioned this?

I made a graphic a year or so ago:

Aaaaaaaaand look who’s at the list top? Green Smoothie!

Cupping tonight for kicks…Ya never know…

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