I haven’t been sleeping well. And I’m having ~15-20 hot flashes a day and night. But when I woke this morning, my head was not in excruciating pain! Hooray. I’m walking around with a 4-5 head and angry back @6-7. My back has been spasming everyday. A sensation very unusual.

But I’m living today! Some energy, lower pain…running errands, working on taxes, prepping dinner, doing laundry, etc. Living. 

This is me living. Moving around my sunlit beautiful home…

I checked the dining room window rose bushes. It appears mockingbirds have rebuilt their neat from last year. I think I can see 2 little eggs!

CT scan for sinuses Friday. GYN appt to discuss hormone levels (hot flashes) Friday. Cleaners and hair appt tomorrow. Walk w neighbor Jill on Wednesday! Counseling, Thursday. I will LIVE this week.

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