Let’s do this!!

New treatment for me: EMDR is well established therapy…it’s *new* for treating Chronic Migraine. 4 years ago, there was like 1 therapist in Austin practicing the therapy without taking insurance. How far we’ve come!😊 

I’m starting with Shanna, this really nice and experienced gal. 

She believes me and believes in me.💜❤💜
Altho she has experience, research and data, there’s no exciting drug trials or big money behind Integrated-EMDR because – you got it! – no Big Pharma wants to do expensive studies when there’s no profit to be made. 
Chronic Migraine is a whack disorder – no pretending about that – although you spend 89% of your life pretending to be okay. It’s not a sexy sickness – there’s no big research, no multi-million dollar marches – it’s long, life-long… There’s a beginning, a middle…but no end. No remission. Expensive beyond expensive. It stretches out over months and years and decades. It’s rank with stigma and misconception and disbelief and the overwhelmingly loud message to the Chronic person is to “Shut up and take your medicine, Freak, we know – you have a headache – again. And aren’t you better YET? You’re getting the Botox.”☹️ It’s like…you’re still you…but this huge chunk of you is broken or damaged. Symptoms leave you unable, incapacitated, burdensome, unreliable, anxious, embarrassed, vulnerable, depressed, desperate and so very sad. Everyday you lose a little more of the you, you once were.

Anyway… Let’s do this! I have a 110% ready to give!ğŸ˜ŠğŸŽ‰

Of course, I’ve forgotten how exhausting EMDR is. After today’s treatment, I went home and fell fast asleep. Lmao!!😴😴😴😴

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