The weather. Systems are moving in and out and my head keeps pace. My sacroiliac is tantruming.

I prepped for the cleaning crew (they are so awesome) and ran errands. We’ll start repairs on the house soon​ after we pick all our products and material.

Picking Robyn up from tennis tonight. I’m so tired. And full of pain. And so tired. Tired. Tired of talking about it. Tired of feeling it. Tired of fighting, of existing only. Tired of being tired.

I’m tired and done. Today someone told me on Facebook that we were ok because our home insurance deductible was under 5 thousand dollars. So that was good. Lol. Nice. Maybe for you!! I don’t have that money.

Then my notifications alerted me there was another repsonse on my EMDR reveal post. Facebook had a prompt above my post for me to click: “Ask for assistance with this post?” Horrified. I was horrified. And immediately closed the option. I wish I had screenshot it first. It’s like a rock bottom.

I just can’t do it. I’m so tired. It will never go away.

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