One thing is a given: I will NOT go to the emergency room for a migraine. Never. I will die at home or someone will have to physically drag me in. I won’t go.

Migraineurs are treated like crap in ER’s. Drug seekers, complainers, etc.

One time in 2008 after a 6 day migraine, I went in. This was months after I’d been kicked out of a neurologist’s care with her dismissive: “There’s nothing more I can do for you.” Thanks Jeanette Wendt.

My primary was doing her best to handle my chronic migraines.

I just could not get the sucker to break. I was vomiting (I never vomit) and did not know what else to do. Friends of ours watched all FOUR of our kids for almost SIX hours while Marc took me in. Our kids were 5, 6, 8, 10 years old. That alone was unacceptable to me. How could I leave my friends with ALL those young children for so long?? There are just some things that are out of bounds. And leaving my young children for someone else to take care of was one of those things. I did not ask my in-laws and I would not have asked my parents. 

My parents watched my kids for 5 days in 2009 while my husband and I went to Cabo for our 15th wedding anniversary. The first thing my mother said when we returned was: “Never again.” Awesome grandparents.

Anyway, the ER did not make me wait. They took me right back after a quick triage. They got me a bag of fluid, some reglan IV and some Dilaudid IV. I was chatting to the nurse in the dark room when she was administering meds. Marc was by my side, holding my hand. 

When she began pushing the Dilaudid, I stopped talking immediately and tears ran down my face, I chocked a cry.

The nurse freaked: “Are you ok???”

I said, “There’s been so much pain. For so long. And the Dilaudid – it’s taking it away.” And I cried and cried. 

“Oh, thank God,” she said, “I thought maybe you were having some kind of reaction.”

Which I was: Relief, finally.

It was an excellent ER visit. I left with my pain at a 3. The physician suggested it was time to find another neuro. And I agreed. I went home, Marc picked up the kids, I took an imitrex and slept til the next day. I was better.

I learned 2 things: ERs are NOT the place for migraines and I was exceptionally lucky to receive such quick, non judgmental, and excellent care.

My new neuro asks that I call the office on day 3 of a difficult migraine. She will administer medications IM. Or, she will write orders for infusions of mag, Depacote, torodol at an infusion center. 

But what I really know is this: every migraine eventually goes away. It’s just a matter of time. So why not wait it out at home…in my bed. I don’t want to go anywhere. Least of all an ER.

So when I was struggling yesterday…and there’s this thought that goes through my head: Maybe I should go to the ER? You know my migraine has taken me to a dark place. A fear-filled, dark and scary place of desperation.

But I didn’t go. Of course. There’s this medication called phenergen that is one of my rescues. Not only is it an antiemetic with pain relieving properties, it puts me out. Almost always. I can count on Phenergen for the Mini Coma that can take me to the next day. The Next Day…where hopefully, the pain is less intense.

I’m at the Next Day. Caught in the bathroom. Day after migraine from hell. I’ll just stay here all day. My husband is being not nice (probably cuz I asked him to get up @10:15 AND change the dog’s water bowl!) and I have my phone. So I’ll just have a little toilet command center day.

In-laws are in town with cousins – staying at a big lake house 20 min away. And I’m missing it all.👍

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