Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline…


Marc’s dad turned 80 this weekend! Our step sister Virginia has been planning this reunion birthday for TWO years! And it really turned out incredible!

We met in Orange Beach, Alabama from Thursday to Sunday. It was a 10 hour drive for our family and such an enormous treat to see everyone and celebrate.

The weather was forecasted to be horrible, but instead Friday was quite nice and we were able to spend some time enjoying the healing waves, soft sand, seabreeze and overcast sun. Nothing heals like the ocean heals…

The sky was mesmerizing …

My children were enjoying their Spring Break… able to see each other after being away at college… it was so nice for them, and for me to see them together…

Spending some sea time with my love…

And seeing Kenji’s family surround him in love and celebration… we so enjoy spending time together…


All smiles as our family assembles at Orange Beach for my FIL’s 80th bday! Reality is the last photo.
I am a chronic migraineur… but I WILL live and I will find joy in this life of many sorrows and many moments.
Sending out love and strength to all the warrors!

Thursday we drove all day. Friday we relished a little time on the beach. Saturday I spent in bed until ~3:30pm, listening to the family gather and enjoy each other downstairs ❀. And Sunday we said “See you later” to all our relations and we drove all day back home to Austin.

I’m in bed now, medicine ingested, heater on my back, ice on my head, and waiting for sleep in my Happy Place… my sanctuary, my bed. 😁 Tomorrow will be a mighty day of recovery. πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œ

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