If you can keep these medications in your home, or call your doc for prescriptions, the need for ER intervention might never be needed.


I went once and for the last time in 2008. I simply refuse to ever go to an emergency room for migraine treatment, as I’d rather just die at home. In truth, the only thing that ends a migraine is time. And I’d rather waste it at home for free than go to a hospital and have them fiddle with IVs and judge me as a drug seeker.

In 2008, I had had a 6 day migraine. Thrown everything at it. It wouldn’t budge. I was between neurologists because the last one told me there was “nothing she could do” and didn’t want to see me anymore. On day 6, I was vomiting every medication up. I did not yet have injectables, antiemetics and steroids at home.

Our friends watched our 4 small kids for 6+ hours when Marc brought me into the ER. That was a dose of humble pie… I never would ask anyone to watch our kids. Since this was 2008, both my in laws and my parents were minutes away. They would never be available to watch my kids. Grandparents. Imagine.

The ER department was very new and small and the staff were more than kind. I wore my sunglasses. They turned off the lights. They never made me feel like a drug seeker.

The nurse started an IV and fluid. She pushed an antiemetic. She, Marc and I were chatting… talking about her as she was a traveling nurse.

Then she pushed dilauded. I remember I was talking but then stoppped immediately. I felt the pain medication flow over me, bathe my pain-riddled brain. The pain of 6 days was calmed in moments. I couldn’t talk; I could only close my eyes and cry… tears, tears, and more tears leaked out of my closed eyes. The dam was released and wouldn’t stop.

The nurse became terrified I was having an allergic reaction to the med. “Are you ok?!” She demanded.

“It’s just the pain… the pain… after 6 days, it’s finally ending.” And my eyes poured more tears down my face.

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