Good morning all! It’s 04:00 hours and sleep eludes me… Painsomnia is so much fun! Not. But I cannot sleep. There isn’t enough ice in the world, and the pain of migraine and RA won’t let me sleep.

Monkey bottoms, the weather is an angry bastard here in the Hill Country and my head and Rheumatoid has been caught in it’s wrath.

This was a special day for husband and me… our silver anni; we’ve both been so looking forward to it. Twnty five years of love and marriage! 25!!!❀

In our quest to be Normal people (or rather, my Normal husband to have a Normal wife), we just wanted to go out to dinner tonight. ❀

Oh, Migraine has been hell all day; a kitchen sink migraine… where every med is failing. I woke in hell at about 11:00… triptan fail, opioid fail, burning through ice and chugging caffeine. I tried to clean with the kids in between suffering.

Husband made dinner reservations!😍 and I kept working on my disorder. Work work work.

FINALLY the next med, fioricet succeeded!! That was about 15:30, so I thought it prudent to get showered and ready for our big date.

It took me hours to get ready… because showering, dressing, applying makeup and drying my hair is absolutely equivalent to a marathon. πŸ™„ But that’s why leaving enough time for suffering and working is prudent!πŸ‘ I was even able to throw together tacos and corn for the kids’ dinner!

*Extra points scored!*

It may have taken me ALL DAY, but WE MADE IT!!😍 Hooray!!!

And at our celebration dinnie tonight, I had 2 delicious glasses of prosecco cuz I knew my migraine later would return regardless. Lol.

And hello, awesome horrible STORMS… causing indescribable suffering:

Raining cats and dogs. But the systems are moving in and out.

So… we were out ~ 1.5 hours. 🎊🎊 Party fast. When we got home, we watched our wedding video with our daughter. It was so fun and funny to see mega 1990’s styles! Oh those BIG glasses! Ha! Marc and I danced to the last song just like we were dancing on the video:

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

Will you be my partner, every night?

When we’re together, it feels so right.

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

And Marc even remembered the dip at the end… with the kiss.πŸ’‹

Ah, Romance.😍 It is not dead.☺️

My head is burning thru ice every 30 min and I cannot get to sleep. Another phenergan may be in order. πŸ™„

But we had a nice nice time tonight. For ~2 hours, I had a mini life. And I could share with the people I love.😍

Moments. Tiny moments. That’s what I can fight for; and that’s what I will be grateful for.❀
Sending out love to you all!πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œ

* * * * *

No measure of time with You will be long enough, but let’s start with Forever.
Happy Anni & Love you Always & Forever More, my Love, my Soulmate, my Best Friend ❀❀❀❀
#silveranniversary #25yearanniversary #andtheysaiditwouldntlast

Neither of us knows what we are doing… but bumbling and playing at life together is such great fun (of course we are both babies in birth order. Lol). Always goobers.
When Marc asked me out in high school, I knew he was really asking to marry me. He was that kind of guy. Six months later, I went on a weekend trip with my parents, and I *missed* him. That’s when I knew I was in love.
#25yearanniversary #silveranniversary

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