The Pain is not the worst thing. One of the most disappointing aspects of Chronic Migraine is all the wasted time. Wasted time, like ripped and crumpled calendar days littering my whole world. I can see Life happening, and I want to participate like I used to. Like Scarlett O’hara at the Atlanta Ball, I want to dance! And dance and dance!
I remember participating. I have pictures from the past of me participating in Life! Yesterday, it took 7 hours of dark room/bed and 3 hours of prep with rest to go out on a 1.5 hour dinner date. I can smile. And truly, my heart is happy and I feel overwhelming love and gratitude for those 1.5 hours. Each and every minute is bliss to savor… it’s like a warm ray of sun on your skin when you’re chilled, like the sweet intoxicating scent of orange blossoms on an unexpected breeze, it’s like feeling the caress of fine white sand between your toes when you walk on the beach… Every minute of Life is a delicious delight.
And today… Today, is all recovery from the 1.5 hours, and the weather. But… maybe tomorrow will be a good day.🌞 Maybe! And I’ll be ready!🌞 I will be ready to participate! Please don’t give up on me!
It’s a different life, a different way to live. I was unprepared.

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #MAM2019 #speakyourmigraine #sowingtheseeds #facesofChronicMigraine

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