Migraine is not just head pain:
Photophobia or photo sensitivity is a huge battle…it’s not like: “Oh, hey, it’s bright.” it’s like: “Omg, it BURNS like fire; I’m going to die.”
I developed severe photophobia as I was going episodic to chronic…I noticed I’d be standing outside and couldn’t understand how everyone was not needing sunglasses like I was. What’s happening?? No doctor explained it to me…I researched and discovered it myself. I struggle with photophobia with or WITHOUT migraine. It’s ANY light…and severely in the dark with car headlights, etc. I haven’t been able to open my bedroom blinds in 4 years and it breaks my heart. Just one of the things I don’t love admitting.
Photophobia, phonophobia, aphasia, nausea, dysautonomia, clumsiness, allodynia, extreme lethargy/fatigue, vertigo…the sexiness of Chronic Migraine!
#ChronicMigraine #MAM2019 #sowingtheseeds #MigraineAwareness djk #MyBeautifulMigraine

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