a) medicated with migraine meds
head, ice crown wrap to numb brain
pain, which is a #8

b) phone nearby, a connection to the
world, support groups, & method to
call family for help, if needed

c) TV remote; I am comforted most
by action movies playing at very low
volume, somehow heroes give me
strength & inspiration

d) family member has put a lovie near
me to let me know they are thinking
of me

e) example of migraine symptom
dysautonomia – my inability to
regulate normal body temperature;
my body is cold, my head is encased
in ice, and my feet are burning up

f) night table mini pharmacy – this
mini pharma keeps me out of the
emergency room, also has lip balm,
essential oils, Himalayan salt lamp,
coke (caffeine helps migraine) & water

Me & my Migraine reading Facebook today…It’s a real bender, a #8. It’s Father’s Day and I’m only able to text my dad. Not able to do anything very special for my husband. Thunderstorms came through this evening. It’s been 2 days since I showered and washed my hair. Just gross and so ill. I’ve been sick so long that I wouldn’t recognize wellness if it slapped me in the face. I move around this life as a sick person in pain. And it sure isn’t as fun as it sounds.

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