Learning about MIGRAINE!
It’s a funny little word that means a lot to peeps with Chronic Migraine. Most docs don’t mention it. My own allodynia began while I was changing from episodic to chronic. It was not unusual for my scalp to hurt the day after a migraine bender, but soon I noticed I had trouble wearing necklaces or even collars. I felt almost like I was being strangled in a subtle & weird way. Creeeeepy. It made no sense to me. I was a jewelry fashionista who could no longer wear necklaces 🤔 When I started connecting with more Chronic Migraineurs, I started learning more – about crazy things like allodynia. Puzzles explained!
#ChronicMigraine #MAM2019 #MigraineAwarenessMonth djk #MyBeautifulMigraine

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