I carefully reviewed the facts of your case and made the enclosed fully favorable decision.

Letter from Disability Judge came in the mail on Friday, June 14. Since it was written in legal speak, I wanted to clarify with my attorney to make sure I was reading what we thought we were reading.

The judge has ruled me disabled since January 2013. This has been a 5 year endeavor for us. And as it comes to a close, I’m full of ambivalent emotions. I’m approved… and that’s great… and awful.

We hope to pay off our mountainous debt with the lump sum… and perhaps my monthly funny money will keep our ends meeting. A family of six, kids in college, one getting married, chronic illness… it’s all quite expensive for only one salary.

Today I’m coming out of a 3 day bender migraine… it’s postdrome abyss: bad head pain, photophobia, weakness and lethargy. I showered! Hooray! Got dressed and am puttering… some cleaning, some laundry, some tidying, putting some dinner together. Resting right now. This is disabled.

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