How to Cope When Your Wife Has Migraines

This is a great article. It’s not exactly Marc and my experience… but it’s great advice: #1 Love your wife, HATE the migraine. There is SO MUCH MORE I’d do… if I could. #2 Never take it personally… pain and chronic pain and frustration makes even the most lovely person act “off.”

(P.S. I love when you wear cologne, Honey Baby!)

Our shelves are full of wonderful memories:

2005, I was diagnosed with depression but my migraines were still episodic.
2019, all my babies grown and amazing big people: kind, smart, nurturing, driven.

But some of my favorite pictures are the ones where I’m struggling and my Marc is right there WITH me…

Marc always gets me new ice packs! He never complains no matter how frequently I need to ask. ❤
This was a Fourth of July celebration… and one of my Thunderclap migraines. Often, when I just CANNOT face social events due to pain, he will go on his own. It makes me SO happy that at least he can go! He’ll text me while he’s there, making me feel a part!

And the myriad of appointments he has attended with me…

In this life, I can honestly say… I have known such a Great Love and True Soul Mate…

I love you, always & forevermore.

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