• Coronavirus lockdown for one week
• Unstable weather patterns
• Uncertain times: are we overreacting or under reacting?
• Why is toilet paper selling out?

• Massive migraine action for me… the worst started Thursday and ruined all of today (Saturday) too.
• Thursday every medication was failing and I finally turned to my shots. An expired Sumatriptan injection helped.

• I finished the 11 seasons of MASH on Hulu and had to say goodbye to Hawkeye and Houlihan, goodbye to creative comedy and OR scenes that first stirred my interests to become a nurse.

• Friday was procedure day at APC… back injections into the lumbar area for some sacroiliac relief (its been bothering me like crazy since the DC trip). All the staff was masked and I was thermo checked and screened at the door. Marc wasn’t allowed into the building – only patients.

• Bless their hearts, not all the staff were using protective equipment correctly. The medtech who took me back, had an N95 mask on but kept sticking her fingers between her mask and face by her mouth because “it was hot.” The office worker wore her mask below her nose. Everyone else was fine. Doctor Michaud came to check on me before procedure and he was not wearing a mask. No one tells Dr Michaud what to do!😂😍

• Tried to rest all day… but there was an El Arroyo margarita ZOOM party at 8 with the neighbors. I could only stay about an hour. Then there was more migraining to do.

• This morning my migraining was exploding … out of the back, the sides, the front of my head. Medications, rest, Cefaly. I couldn’t get out of bed. I lay in bed… barely moving… just dying. One of those migraines where I can’t believe how bad it is… one where I don’t bother hiding from my family – because I’m too too sick. Completely ruined day. One where I remember: “Wow, I really DO have migraines – don’t I?” Omg, it hurts so much.

• Finally a dose of butalbitol and phenergan helped. That phenergan… it can really be a blessing when migraine has shut down my gut.
• Sunday I felt some relief. Amazing. Truly amazing. But I was too tired to really get anything done. I folded a load of laundry and cleaned the birdcage. Huzzah.

• Watching the tv series the Dead Zone with Anthony Michael Hall cuz it’s a bit of reminiscence.

• Prepping our world for continued Coronaquarantine remote online learning. The world is indistinguishable; never has this happened before. No word on how long it will be like this. Everyday is a little weirder. The situation is fluid. Very fluid. Unprecedented times.

• Watching the Normals have an apoplexy from quarantine is a little funny… watching the general public misuse medical equipment is amusing as well. There is great loss: both Robyn and Nick have lost their jobs (put on temporary leave). Schools have shit down: the kids will continue UT (Ken) online, TAMU (Corey) online, LTHS (Nick and Robyn) online. No word on prom or graduations.

There is also great kindness and beauty: our community tries to help local businesses with take out restaurant orders and someone need only post an ‘ISO’ post and there are offers to help.
• This will be a time to remember for certain. A time when people will ask “Where were you when…” All because of a funny little bug: the COVID19.

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