There are people dying during this pandemic. I get that. And I should be grateful for our health…. so writing this has been difficult for me.
At first the nurse told me it was because they didn’t “have PPE for themselves and their patients.” When I offered to supply their office, she said they just “weren’t seeing patients.” And I should “call if my head got worse.” Is this a fucking joke?
I’ve never missed a treatment in 9 years. I plan life events around that ONE DAY every 12 weeks. It is the ONLY treatment that has helped with Chronic Migraine in 12 years. When the medicine starts to wear off at 8-10 weeks I begin a mental countdown to the sacred appointment.
Home Depot is open. Liquor stores are open. Even gun stores are considered essential.
The past couple of days I was stunned, despondent, heartbroken… yesterday I moved on to morbidly resolved. I write this post because I can’t even talk about it without falling apart. Absolutely horrible migraines this past month. There is this part of me that doesn’t understand the cruelty behind this decision and alternates between wanting to die and wanting to punch someone in the throat. Mostly I’m just a puddle of tears. I am abandoned by my medical provider. This is what medical abandonment feels like. Mariah instructed me to make sure and contact her if I needed help. “There are things we can do; medications we can call in.” I have a one way to contact … through the office nurse who can be an utterly horrible human. I feel like I’ve been fed empty words and been abandoned.

Meanwhile, my husband’s allergist office and podiatrist have no issues continuing appointments.

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #SpeakYourMigraine #COVID19 #covidquarentine #botoxforchronicmigraine


Please sir, just a drop of Botox. Please do not abandon me.
Migraining like mad; the weather keeps changing.
Please sir, might I have some more.

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