Migraine Awareness Month and I’ve barely been posting. Covid quarantine plus much migraine activity plus just not feeling well… at all.

I stay in bed … a LOT. My family is nurturing and wonderful and also taking it easy themselves.

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Digesting the social unrest with the vicious and disgusting murder of Mr. George Floyd, the protests, the riots, and the ridiculous and rampant political hate. Everyone believes the same thing, but if you don’t say the ‘right’ words or wear/don’t wear a mask, you are screamed at for being a murderer and racist. There are about 20 idiots in America that are truly racist… but if the rest of us use the wrong wordage, we are screamed at, spit at, called horrible names. “Shut up. Listen. Fight for change. Ask for forgiveness for White Privilege. Don’t ask questions. It’s not about you – you don’t understand.”

So. Much. Hate.

I don’t recognize our country. We are broken. On fire. It’s so painful. And divided – when we need to be united.

I’m trying to learn the politically correct wordage. I’m listening. I am asking questions… that’s how I learn.

But I’m continually sending out my LOVE. No matter how much hate I get. I only have room for LOVE

King lays out in “Loving Your Enemies” echoes through all of his speeches. Furthermore, it is the message upon which he built his life—that love is “creative,” and that only love is capable of transforming hate into love. Therefore, to change the world, love has to be extended to everyone—even to our enemies.

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