I won’t sugarcoat… there are moments I begged for a bullet to the brain pan and many times a powerful crowbar strike to the side of my head; I couldn’t be strong anymore. It comes off like I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.

I’m fond of the statement: Tomorrow will be a better day and I have to believe it.

I have never expected the world to change to accommodate my disease, but having a COMMUNITY of support from advocates and other people living with Migraine Disease has made an immeasurable positive difference. I was so alone… and I’m not alone anymore.

Your body has the flu… your head is mimicking Krakatoa… you have stomach flu nausea and vomiting… the world is spinning… light and sound slice their knives into your eyes and ears… and you’re overwhelmed, completely overwhelmed with unspeakable sadness as you’re rendered useless to do the basic jobs you love: care for your family, work your career, enjoy you’re life.

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #MigraineAwarenessMonth #MAM2020 #youneedcommunity #MHMA

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