Addiction is real. A real mental disorder that deserves care and understanding and action. But thus present US govt stance on Opiates (and growing number of other drug classss), there is a terrible disservice done to Addiction, Tools of dealing with Pain, Chronic Pain – EVERYONE.

TWOLA, 4/22

Opiates and other medications are simply tools. They are not killers, they are not evil, and everyone reacts very differently to medications. Allowing our US legislators free reign to make laws regarding these tools, we invite individuals who know NOTHING about Healthcare our OUR individual health care into our chart, our PRIVATE lives. No no no no no!

I am not unsympathetic to human beings who have lost their lives to opiates – in whatever their capacity – illegal fentanyl, overdosing on prescriptions, etc. Every loss of life is tragic. There is a process where our country could be more careful with opiates. But it’s a no-go inserting government into a patient-doctor relationship. My doctor and I know the tools to care for my health. The US legislator does NOT.

To me, there is only a Libertarian POV for medical care. Not everyone is an Addict. The population should not be scared to death about treating temporary or chronic pain. Doctors’ licensing shouldn’t be threatened for good and appropriate healthcare. The government does not belong in between me and my physician.

I cannot wait for the pendulum to sway back to Sanity. Get the government OUT of my healthcare!

TWOLA, 4/22 There are SO many questions about this info blurb. “Opiates kill more than 136 Americans a day” – Suicide? Illegal opiates? Addiction? Accidental overdose? Poisoning?

Addiction is real. It is NOT the same thing as Dependence. Not everyone is even on the spectrum of Addiction potential! Treating a medication as an evil thing is just dumb; medication is a tool. And mistreating temporary and chronic pain inadequately because of a creation of an Opiate War is criminal. Advocate for genuine, positive, individual, wellness-oriented, collaborative patient healthcare.

#PatientsNotAddicts, #Chronicillness, #ChronicMigraine, #ChronicPain #CMAware, #SpeakYourMigraine, #opiatewar, #AddictionVSDependency, #waronopiates, #MedicineIsATool, #GovernmentOUTofmyHealthcare, #DoctorPatientHealthcare, #EndtheOpiateWar, #KeepIllegalFentanylOUT, #getoutofmyhealthcare, #Libertarian

Do I look sick? I am a Face of terrible & life-changing Chronic Illness 💜

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